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Sara Dalrymple

Sara Dalrymple


Career Bio

Hello, I’m Sara and my biggest achievement is writing my book More Sales Please this year!

I started my business after leaving my first career in sales in the City, and now I help women grow businesses that have a steady stream of clients coming in so that income is sustainable in as little time as possible.

As someone who has pivoted out of a “traditional” career which wasn’t flexible into growing my own business I know how brilliant it is that women are now able to earn money doing the things they’re skilled in, as flexibly as they want.

I’m passionate about more women starting – and sustaining – businesses long term. I’m so happy that we can promote and market ourselves online in such a variety of ways and I want to make sure that everyone in my world totally trusts in their ability to make money, no matter what season of life they’re in.

I help my clients create offers that sell easily, and to understand how to use social media in just 30 minutes a day to connect with their audiences and increase sales (without the sleaze!).


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