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Nikki Trailor

Nikki Trailor

Feel Good Launches + Funnels

Career Bio

I’m Nikki – a launch copywriter and strategist who helps online coaches and course creators make more money without sales calls.

I started in the pandemic and have already worked with some “pinch me” clients, helping them scale launches from 197k to 322k, and sell out brand new offers without social media and without sales calls.

I love love love helping clients solve those big, scary puzzles in their business like: “how can I scale my launches from 5 to 6 figures?” or “how can I reduce sales calls while increasing sales of my high-ticket program?” I LOVE my business and the clients I get to help but want to find ways to make my services more accessible this year — so I’m launching a membership and changing up some of my 1: many offers. I’m also trying to help clients with their retention as a BIG problem I see is people getting the sale and then underdelivering.

Aside from work, you’ll find me at the climbing gym, roller skating, or curled up with a puzzle book. One of my personal goals is to be able to finish a cryptic crossword without my partner’s help !! I’m friendly so drop me a note or connect on socials 🙂 Would love to learn more about what you do


I help course creators and coaches make more money from their courses and programs, with fewer sales calls.


– Funnel and launch audits

– Funnel and launch optimization

– Done-For-You funnel and launch copy + strategy Products:

– Slay your sales page course – One week launch formula course

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