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Alix Stoney


Career Bio

Hi! I am Alix and I started my interior design business a couple of years ago. I Iive in Gosfield with my husband and two grown up kids. Having studied Interior Design and Design Crafts, then had a family and worked in the construction industry, I started my business as a result of producing show apartments for my old boss and renovating our own home. I am passionate about how people can make the most of their homes.

We should all have access to a space we feel safe and that supports us. Your home should work for how you live and how you want to feel. I am also working to dispel the myth that interior designers only work with wealthy people and on huge properties.

This is not the case! I work with all sorts of people and on varying size homes. Having renovated my own little house I know how amazing it is living somewhere small! As well as working with people on their own homes I also work with developers to create amazing show homes and on holiday lets.

With this part of my business I have created show homes and holiday lets in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge and Norfolk and am currently working on properties in Yorkshire and Hampshire. Working with developers usually calls for a quick turnaround which can be exciting and challenging in equal measure.


Interior design services for private homes, holiday lets and show homes.amberley_studio

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