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Guildford Membership


Join us for our collective mentorship meetings for Six Figured Females. Meet and connect with your peers for inspiring and supportive conversations, and brainstorm your route to business growth with women who get it!

About this group

Join Six Figured Females in down on the banks of the River Wey in Guildford, Surrey.

In between our face-to-face meet-ups you can chat and ask questions to our members via our private Slack Group.

*Drinks included.

Group Availability

Places fill up fast so please register your interest in advance.

Meeting Dates



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm + Goal Setting



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm + Goal evaluation session & accountability 



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm 



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm 



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm + Goal evaluation session & accountability 



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm 



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm 



Christmas Party – Evening



Coffee & Conversations 12pm-2pm + Goal evaluation session & accountability 

Monthly Membership Fee

£65 Per Month

Group Host

Sallie Agnihotri
(Guest Host)

We can't wait to welcome you

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Frequently asked questions

Will have have to show my tax return or personal financial details?

Not at all, we will look at your social media presence and your application to review your membership request. Six Figured Females is a community for women who have been in business for 3+ years and ones who are ambitious and looking for (and to share) insights into running a successful business and achieving their goals.

We do not have a lockout policy, we do look to have a balance of business services in each group.

The beauty of our meetings lies in their informality. We don’t do pitches or closed referrals. Instead, our group gatherings serve as a platform for open conversations, enabling everyone to provide updates on their business progress for the month and seek support and advice. Our goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where members can come together and discuss their businesses in a friendly, coffee-with-a-friend setting. We also help you set and track goals and check-in with you to see where you’re at in achieving them throughout the year.

Membership requires a minimum commitment of two months, and we kindly request one month’s notice for cancellations.

Our membership plans are open to female founders who have been running their businesses for a minimum of 3 years, own their business, and are not part of a reseller business program.

Yes, absolutely we encourage our members to visit other groups whenever possible. There is the option to purchase guest tickets to attend other member locations as a guest.

Unfortunately, all events are exclusively reserved for your members.

Unfortunately, all events are exclusively reserved for your members.

Thank you for Subscribing!

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