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How it started

We’re a bunch of close-knit creative friends who love to get together. Because business is way more fun, and exciting when you’ve got friends right there with you. 

We would regularly get together over a coffee, bring along our laptops and note pads, and spend a day going through each other’s businesses and helping with ‘How tos’, business ideas, and generally just having a laugh… and cry along the way. 

(From left to right: Abi, Hiral, Kate, and Jade)

Desprately seeking ... like-minded women

We each attended our fair share of ‘networking events,’ but the conversations never quite matched the depth and camaraderie we found around our dining room tables. That’s when it hit us: there must be other female founders out there looking for those candid, unfiltered discussions about their businesses and the sense of belonging that comes with a friendly group that truly understands the journey of entrepreneurial life.


Hello, I’m Jade and I run the Brentwood group. I’m also the driving force behind the multi award-winning jewellery brand Dainty London. My designs have graced the pages of top-notch publications like British Vogue, Tatler, Stylist, and The Telegraph, and they’ve even been worn by some A-list celebs. In addition to my jewellery venture, I’m one of the founders of Six Figured Female. We created this community to connect with other ambitious women who share a passion for scaling their businesses beyond six figures. We come together to exchange experiences, knowledge, and valuable contacts on our exciting journeys.

Jade Sammour - Six Figured Females membership group


Hi there, I’m Hiral and I run the Six Figured Females membership for Chelmsford. I’m a brand and product photographer with 20 years plus experience in the photography and marketing industry. My photography has been featured in well known publications such as British Vogue, Stylist and supported a number of female founders to be able to proudly showcase their services.

When starting my own freelance photography service I quickly learnt that working for yourself is incredible as you are in full control which I love, however it can also be incredibly lonely. I wanted to make friends and this lead to the creation of this supportive community. I found 3 beautiful friends through networking , which lead to the idea to create a community of like minded women who are looking to connect, grow together and have some fun along the way.


Hi, I’m Kate and I run the Six Figured Females membership in London. I’m a brand designer and creative director for 18 years. I left agency life 5 years ago to pursue the projects that fuel my creativity. Reflecting on this transition, I owe a lot to my friends who provided unwavering support. They were the driving force behind my bold decisions, motivating me to take risks I might not have otherwise. This is why I’m so passionate about Six Figured Females—it’s designed to motivate and inspire you to step beyond your comfort zone, empowering you to embrace the risks that can truly make a difference.


I am Abi, I’m an influencer who has a grown a following of over 170k under The White Thistle on Instagram. I share creative DIY and upcycling tips and tricks by rescuing furniture and transforming it into a lovable and modern addition to a home’s décor. I also offer courses, resources, and downloads for creative entrepreneurs looking to grow an organic Instagram following. I helped create SFF to meet other likeminded women.

Abi Hugo - Six Figured Females membership group

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